Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Monday, April 12, 2021

New Wave >>> Daniele Scarpa Kos & Antonio Casellati



"New Wave". Prototype of "subset-formella" for my theory Fabula Architecture (in this case the New Wave palace)

Project: Daniele Scarpa Kos

Cement paste and marble dust panel: Antonio Casellati

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Skizzen für das Gemälde Anna Amalia Brunswick - Weimar...

* Wie Anna Amalia 

Anna Amalia bibliothek...

Skizzen für das Gemälde Anna Amalia... 
La biblioteca di Weimar

Sunday, January 17, 2021

>>>in the forums >>>postmodernism, neomodern, architecture

  >>>hola Olaf  >>>I have read just now your post regarding Postmodernism, Jameson, Orhan Ayyüce's quote etc... this matter interests me.

Starting by saying that Postmodernism is a condition – the postmodern condition indeed – I don't think it's completely exact to define it as a style. I would rather consider it a theme. Of course there are works which focus on this topic and in which this theme gives us stylistic information about the work itself too. Nevertheless, in Postmodernism there is a detachment between the decipherability of the shape and its theoretical premises, as it does not represent a consequential development. Between the visual shape and its theoretical premises there is what Jameson calls “feature”, the possibilities of multiple stylistic developments. 
>>>Postmodernism represents a basic theoretical model that contains many “features”, differences so distant one from the other that we can hardly group them together. One of those many “features” is the concept of “variation” of a matrix. 

>>>it's evident that the PoMo brings the concept of “variation” to the center of architectonical and artistic practice, but it would be limiting to think about this as being its most representative model. 

>>>the extent of “features” quoted by J. is so relevant that it can include also irony (in the forms that people think are common in the mainstream culture) without making it lose anything of its intensity and coherence. The contaminations with the mainstream culture represent a very fascinating development of the PoMo in architecture and art too...

10 may 2016

>>>illustration frontispiece for the second edition of Laugier's Essay on Architecture (1755), arguably one of the most famous images in the history of architecture. For Laugier, this primitive form represents the first architectural idea and an abstract concept.

Hut/tent: the same form could stand for a number of different concepts, and multiple shapes could be used to represent the same concept. At the same time, numerous interpretations can be suggested for the “HOME” icon (a new contemporary Laugier's hut?).

10 may 2017

"HOME" icon



Friday, January 1, 2021

Studio x ritratto di L.T.

Venice in galleria + 1600

Gli accostamenti che amo in galleria. Un quadro del 1600 accanto a un inserto segnico contemporaneo. Equilibrio di dissimili..

VENICE + 1400 (dipinto di cui ho effettuato le integrazioni pittoriche dopo la pulitura ultimata dal mio socio restauratore...)